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Again, I assume he’s not going to be interested in generating any paperwork in order to get in the sack with you. ------------------------------------------------ One wonders why people send their poly advice queries to unaware public figures, when so many knowledgeable and experienced poly advice sources are available. Here are my last 12 posts about dozens of advice columns in the past three years (including this one; scroll down).

But even if he demonstrates he’s disease free, consider that aside from the moral questions about a married man, investing your time in one does have a cost. Want a Fling is not borrowing property the way she would go to a neighbor to borrow their weed-wacker or someshit. I've wondered at times whether a writer-in is being deliberately provocative. And, you can search the archives to find many older ones.

The letter was mainly addressed to those who might stand in judgment if she began dating soon after he was gone.

You think you can be looking for that real partner while you are carrying on with this guy. She is considering having a relationship with another person, who also happens to have a relationship with other people.

But, as your friends have warned, you can’t anticipate what happens to your emotions once you get involved with someone. Just like we all do (but with sex, which is apparently the way we own people).

If this affair gets hot and heavy, it will likely make the available men seem lukewarm and lightweight in comparison.

Keep at the forefront of your mind that your goal is to find your own life partner, not borrow someone else’s.

Should I just stay single and noncommittal forever? Other advice columnists have taken note of articulate poly-community feedback and put it in print; for instance here, here, here, and here. ------------------------------------------------ Last June Dear Prudence, based at Slate.com, once again bobbled a poly question: My new crush says he’s in an “open marriage.” Should I go for it?